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Car Insurance Provider Offers 'secure' E-delivery Solution For Certificates, Report Shows

Monday, 11 February 2013

Kwik-Fit Insurance has acquired a secure electronic delivery product that should support the secure delivery of car insurance e-certificates, a recent report indicates. Known as SDX, the delivery solution has been designed to provide safe messaging in the issuing of said certificates, the report explains. SSP, an IT solutions specialist for the insurance and finance industries, will facilitate the product offering as per the three-year agreement made with the car insurance provider. The move will likely benefit Kwik-Fit’s business profile, according to the report. "The internet has had a significant impact on our business and is now the main source of motor insurance sales,” said Martin Oliver, managing director of Kwik Fit, in a recently-published press report. “Customers buying online not only demand low prices and high levels of service, but also expect electronic delivery of documentation immediately". According to the press statement, the deal has been made in response to a proposed legislation. Expected to be passed next year, the legislation would allow care insurance providers to provide e-certificates electronically with assured security. With regards to appropriate delivery of the car insurance certificates, SDX says that issuing the documents electronically is safe from unauthorised access. The company adds that it will make certain that the documents are tracked en route. “With growing concern over identity theft and fraud,” the statement explained, “software suppliers have been working on making a secure system for the insurance industry to issue certificates to its customers.” As a result of said fears surrounding identity theft and fraudulent activity, many insurance and financial industry experts have become increasingly wary of electronic document issues. Press reports like this one released by Kwik-Fit, however, are aiming to restore faith in the Financial Services Authority (FSA) -- and in other stakeholders in the insurance sector -- specifically surrounding the idea of e-document delivery solutions. “A recent review of data security systems by the FSA across a number of financial services companies stated that more must be done to ensure that customers' personal data does not fall foul of identity theft in the UK,” the press report highlighted. Research conducted by Kwik-Fit Insurance has suggested that online car insurance revenue accounts for approximately 70% of all car insurance policies bought through the company. Kwik-Fit further suggests that business benefits in conjunction with the SDX solution will include better customer service, savings in postage and administration. ”Another factor will the increased environmental benefits, which are becoming more of an issue that for both businesses and consumers,” the press report concluded. “Also a major online benefit of this venture is the enhanced user experience when visiting the Kwik-Fit Insurance website.”

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