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Esurance: Pros And Cons

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Esurance Inc. is one of the car insurance companies in United States. Esurance sells car insurance via the internet or phone, and the company has established presence in 30 states. The auto insurance provider is in the league of GEICO and Progressive. These are direct auto insurance writers, as well. Currently, the company has more than five hundred thousand policyholders. The company launched its website in 1999, and since then it has written personal car insurance in different states. Esurance was one of the pioneers of online car insurance, and its website is one of the first sites that show quotes of other leading insurers for purposes of comparison. Esurance may be relatively new to the industry compared to some of its big competitors. However, over the years the company has developed innovative practices. The company is also noted for being environmentally friendly. The green company has initiated efforts to reduce consumption of paper, support reforestation, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It has been said that such efforts are plus points for the auto insurance company. Esurance: The Good 1. Good website and fast service – Esurance reviews from most customers talk about the user-friendliness of the website. Customers agree that quotes can be obtained easily. The company also provides insurance to car owners within a short time. It is also quite easy to renew an auto policy. The website allows policyholders to view their policy information. Policyholders can also conveniently print temporary insurance ID cards. However, the company does mail you a real insurance card. 2. Low-cost policies – Premium rates are within the competitive range, although not necessarily the lowest in the market. Expectedly, the company provides great rates for drivers with good driving record. 3. Reliable online customer support – Majority of Esurance reviews say positive feedbacks about the company’s customer support. According to most customers, the company responds to emails and phone calls right away. Esurance: The Bad 1. Hidden charges – One thing that some disgusted customers complain about is unmentioned fees, which deter others from obtaining the company’s insurance products. The quote may not include small fees that add up to the original quote. Hence, premiums are actually a bit higher than what is indicated on the website. There are also customers that complain about charges incurred from paper billing. 2. Absence of local agents – Take note that Esurance car insurance does not have any local agent. The company works online and provides services online or over the phone. If you have concerns, there is no one from your state or city who will assist you in person. Instead, someone over the phone will ask about your concerns and try to assist you. This is all right for some, especially those who find purchasing car insurance on the internet convenient. However, some people still prefer the old-fashioned way of speaking with an agent face to face. 3. Troublesome cancelation – This is a commonly mentioned bad Esurance review from dissatisfied customers. It is common for insurers to penalize car owners or drivers who cancel their insurance policy, but the company is said to have worse penalties than any other insurer. Termination of policy may cause a policyholder to incur hundreds of dollars of loss. Policyholders may either have to stay under the policy or endure the financial drawbacks of cancelation.

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